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3D design with this fiberglass chair

Feb 03, 2016 designdiffusion

Loop: la seduta 3D

This chair is inspired on the digressions of the mind: it’s the result of wandering around the thought of a chair, and it is built by the physical wanderings of the material itself, almost as if it were a sketch.

Loop Chair is an experimental project, design by Swedish designer Markus Johansson in collaboration with assistant designers Erik-Hugo Pajos and Omayra Maymó, aiming to explore new ways of working and to get in touch with new materials and methods in order to create an unconventionally shaped chair.

In order to complete our purpose of creating a series of prototype chairs in fiberglass, a 1:1 scale model of the chair was 3D printed. This 1:1 model was then used to produce a silicon and fiberglass mould out of its shape. The final prototype was obtained by putting together the two sides of the cast, therefore building a hollow 3D fiberglass structure.