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The lunchbox reimagined

Gen 29, 2016 designdiffusion

Il pranzo fuori casa: mai stato così invitante…

Meal prep is a remarkably effective solution for controlling both lunchtime spending and portion sizes, but finding an orderly system can be the toughest part. Enter designers Chris Place and Will Matters, the creators behind Prepd, an intelligently designed lunchbox with a modular system of containers and magnetic cutlery.

Place and Matters’ smart lunchbox comes complete with the Prepd app, a digital tool that includes an evolving range of recipes to fit the modular containers. And the pair did their homework so users wouldn’t have to, working alongside nutritionists and experienced ‘meal preppers’ to assure variety and an evolving range of recipes tailored to fit several diet types and health goals.

The product, in its final stages of development, was funded on Kickstarter and is set to be available for purchase by June 2016.

Txt: Julia Ardila Zurek