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FLUXO lamp: shine the light where you most need it

Gen 29, 2016 designdiffusion

From start-up Luke Roberts comes FLUXO, an award-winning smart lamp that allows users to personalize their interiors with unlimited lighting options. The Vienna-based start-up has put countless hours of engineering into developing what they hail is the ultimate smart lamp, one that gives users control over the intensity, direction, color, and overall distribution of light through its “Paint Your Light” approach.

The lighting adjustment is controlled by FLUXO’s companion app that allows users to paint the light in the desired color and direction while witnessing it in real time in their living room. The app includes intuitive motion sensors that learn how users prefer their lighting based on overall usage.

In co-founder Lukas Pilat’s words, “Lighting has a huge impact on our well­being and productivity, so making this part of our lives even more seamless is very important. The FLUXO lamp does just that by actively learning from the user’s behaviour, making a standard on/off light switch all but obsolete.” 

Text by Julia Ardila Zurek