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Pumpal lamp resembles giant spinning top

Gen 27, 2016 designdiffusion

Una lampada da far ruotare come una trottola

Inspired by childhood afternoons playing with handmade wooden toys, Berlin-based British designer Ewan Cashman has fashioned this standing lamp out of wood and recycled concrete.

Dubbed Pumpal, Bulgarian for Spinning Top, the playful design rotates 360 degrees on its hollow base, inviting users– of all ages– to interact with this oversized toy. But don’t take it just for entertainment purposes—its rotating ability has practical functions too, allowing for greater control over the quality and direction of light needed to fill your space.

The lamp is composed of a slender wood handle equipped with light-diffusing plexiglass that houses LED lighting, and a rounded white concrete base that functions as the stabilizing element. The lamp was first unveiled last year at the DMY Design Festival in Berlin, and publically recognized as the winner of the ‘New Talents Award.’

Txt: Julia Ardila