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Preparing tea is a new experience with this teapot

Gen 25, 2016 designdiffusion

Preparare il tè diventa non è mai stato così rilassante…

This elegant teapot from Finnish designer Nikolo Kerimov will delight tea enthusiasts by transforming the act of preparing and serving tea into a visual experience. Inspired by nature, more specifically by rain falling on a mountainous landscape, its minimalist design elevates the tea-making process to another level, allowing users to appreciate the brewing of tea in a whole new way.

Simple in both form and material, the teapot uses only glass, cork and ceramic. The cork is cast into organic yet functional shapes to form the base and the stopper, while the glass forms an uncommonly shaped teapot with a long handle, short spout, and an opening at the top for a white ceramic strainer. The three textures create an aesthetically engaging composition and play on each other’s qualities by refraction of light.


Txt: Julia Ardila Zurek