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A 3D printed façade for this temporary Europe Building

Gen 22, 2016 designdiffusion

Facciata 3D per l’edificio UE @ Amsterdam

DUS Architects have just completed the façade of the temporary Europe Building, which will be used to house the EU Presidency meetings for the first six months of 2016. The state-of-the-art façade includes recyclable, 3D printed seating that invites the public to interact with the building.

Dominating the exterior of the building are vertical panels made of tensile fabric, a reference to the sailing ships historically built in the area. These “sails” create alcoves housing a geometric-patterned EU-blue surface that extends out to create large-scale 3D-printed seating elements. At night, the white sails are lit with a pulsating light.

Each bench is designed to fit perfectly within each alcove, and developed exclusively for the EU presidency, with a never-before seen bio-plastic that can be shredded and recycled after use. According to DUS, this is the first time these kinds of prints are being displayed in the public domain.

The façade was developed in a very short time span thanks to the close collaboration between DUS (design), Actual (parametric development & 3D printing), Neptunus (temporary structures), TenTech (engineering), Henkel (material development), Philips (light), and Heijmans (construction and assembly).


Text by Julia Ardila