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What we could be eating 20 years from now

Gen 20, 2016 designdiffusion

Il cibo del futuro tra alghe, insetti e stampate

If you’ve ever wondered what food might look like in the future, look no further. Designers at Space10, Ikea’s Copenhagen-based urban research lab, have ventured a pretty realistic guess. Combining scientific research, food design, and photography, the studio created Tomorrow’s Meatball, a visual exploration of the future of food in a world where our unsustainable appetite for meat and an ever-increasing demand for food calls for alternative ingredients. Using meatballs as a canvas, the “menu of the future” dishes out eight unconventional meal options that reflect the context of food according to growing needs and existing technology.

Citing UN data that up to one third of all food is spoiled before it is consumed, the Wonderful Waste Ball would be made from food that is usually squandered. Meanwhile, the Urban Farmer’s Ball responds to the need for locally grown products, and the Mighty Powder Ball reflects a trend in powdered meal replacements made from nutrient-rich substances.

New technology would produce the Artificial Meat Ball, comprised of laboratory-grown animal flesh, while the 3D Printed Ball suggests that 3D printers can convert alternative ingredients into delicious meals.

The Lean Green Algae Ball proposes using fast-growing aquatic plants because of their rich supply of vitamins, proteins and minerals, while the Crispy Bug Ball advocates eating crispy insects as a more efficient food source. Finally, the Nutty Ball contains more traditional ingredients, suggesting that as local farmers breed new varieties of grains, they will become more popular.

“With the increasing demand for food, we need to start considering adding alternative ingredients to our daily menu,” says Bas van de Poel, creative in residence at Space10. “You could say that Tomorrow’s Meatball gets people a little more familiar with the unfamiliar.” 

Txt: Julia Ardila