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Furla collection in the installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Gen 19, 2016 designdiffusion

L’installazione di Emmanuelle Moureaux per Furla

Italian brand FURLA recently presented its new 2016 Spring Summer Collection at Zojoji Temple in Tokyo, with a colourful installation designed by French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux. Inspired by her guiding principle of “shikiri,” a Japanese term which literally means “dividing (creating) space with colors,” Emmanuelle’s multi-coloured installation is an homage to spring.

As guests come in through the dark reception area, they are welcomed by a vivid, colourful world. Entitled “Hanami” a Japanese tradition of welcoming spring, the installation treats the building’s stark white columns as tree trunks, crowned with bright, blooming flowers of densely gathered sliced papers. With light filtering through the paper, Moureaux alludes to the effect of natural light filtering through flowers and leaves in the forest.

Each tree trunk displays the geometric design and bold coloration of the new collection, allowing guests to enjoy the new items under the rich tones of the blooming foliage.

txt: Julia Ardila