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Coloured lamp to balance winter mood

Gen 18, 2016 designdiffusion

Una lampada colorata per incrementare il buon umore durante l’inverno

Winter blues affect millions of people around the world each year. In an effort to ease the effects of this disorder, Eindhoven design student Éléonore Delisse has created a 24-hour lamp called ‘Day and Night Ligh’ that diffuses coloured light throughout the day in order to rebalance a person’s natural circadian rhythm.

What distinguishes this design from others of its kind is that most existing solutions for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) focus on the amount of light a person receives, while for Delisse, the answer lay in a constant rhythm of coloured light to influence how our brain perceives time.

Intended as her graduate project at Design Academy Eindhoven, the essence of ‘Day and Night Ligh’ is a dichroic glass disc that rotates ever so slowly upon its wooden base, projecting a cool blue light in the morning to stimulate wakefulness and a warm amber light in the evening to ease us into slumber.

Txt: by Julia Ardila