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A flexible co-working space in Beijing- by MAT office

Gen 15, 2016 designdiffusion

A flexible co-working space in Beijing- by MAT office

MAT office is a research and design studio based in Rotterdam and Beijing which is committed to the observation and speculation of the emerging issues in the contemporary urbanization process, aiming to solve these issues through architectural solutions.

In order to transform a section of an apartment building, located at Block D in the Chaoyang District in Beijing, into a co-working space, the studio employed a research-based design method constructed on various case studies. The result was a flexible space-sharing model resembling the layout of a university library. A wide-open space replaces the traditional lobby-corridor-office layout. Complete with a bar counter, a large discussion table, smaller booths and personal workstations, the layout is flexible in that it is suitable for any working style, offering numerous possibilities for individual and group work.

In order to meet the presentation needs of the occupants, who are mostly small or medium-sized teams on an initial or start-up phase of their business, four display units and an entire display wall were incorporated in the 800-square-meter space.

Throughout the entire space, bright yellows and blues provide a strong visual guidance, injecting the industrial space with energy and vigour.

Tx: Julia Ardila