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99 brand for 99 wine bottles packaging

Gen 14, 2016 designdiffusion

99 brand per il packaging di 99 bottiglie di vino

In today’s world, our minds are constantly being bombarded with images and brands at a rate unrivalled at other points in history. Upon noticing this, creative mind Thomas Ollivier took the world’s most recognizable images and logos, the ones that clutter public spaces and invade almost every sector, and tastefully superimposed them on wine bottles.

The result is a colorful photo collection consisting of 99 reimagined wine brands ranging from every category. From sports brands Nike and Adidas to online platforms Google and Ebay, there are few corporate giants Ollivier does not implicate in this crime of over-saturation.

His choice of wine bottles smartly recognizes that this industry is one of the few to remain unsullied by corporate advertising, shedding light on a possible future for the industry and a valuable critique of the present.

Discover some images of the series in the gallery or the 99 images on website.

Txt: Julia Ardila