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A modular space-saving for all your accessories

Gen 13, 2016 designdiffusion

Keeping the closet organized seems a never-ending struggle for those with a knack for accumulating accessories. The solution dawned on young industrial design student Selin Sonmez upon moving to chilly New York where she had limited storage space for her scarf collection. After realizing how much vertical space she was misusing in her closet, she built a prototype for the HANG-OVER system out of cardboard.

Thanks to funding on Kickstarter, her college dorm experiment has evolved into a flexible and functional modular hanging system designed to curate accessories creatively and save space through vertical hanging arrangements. The hand-painted wood hangers are meant to store anything from scarves, belts, bags, to jewellery, and are a convenient tool for matching items in your closet.

Hangers come in two shapes: the “C” shape is used to hang individual items, while the “G” shape duplicates the space. And with a pastel color scheme that comes in three different color combinations, they easily brighten any closet.

Txt: Julia Ardila