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Crowdfunded bridge unveiled in Rotterdam

Gen 12, 2016 designdiffusion

Il primo ponte al mondo finanziato dai ‘pedoni’ @ Rotterdam

After 3 years of construction, a 400-metre long pedestrian footbridge was completed this summer in the city of Rotterdam. Dubbed by its creators, Rotterdam-based studio ZUS, as “the world’s first crowdfunded public infrastructure,” the pathway aims to revitalize forgotten areas of the city by connecting the historic center with the recently renovated Rotterdam Centraal Station.

Named Luchtsingel, which is Dutch for “air canal,” the structure includes nine entrances and runs through a building and across roads and railways. The multipurpose bridge is part of a citywide initiative to encourage public participation in urban reform, and is linked to a harvestable rooftop garden, a refurbished railway station, and a new park.

Residents of Rotterdam contributed to the construction of the bridge by way of a crowdfunding campaign with the motto: “the more you donate, the longer the bridge.” For every €25 (£17) donated, donors’ names were inscribed into wooden planks lining the bridge.

The bridge is described as a “permanent temporality” solution, and will serve as a temporary structure that will last up to 5 years with a possible extension for another five years.

Txt: Julia Ardila