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Blowing Series by Seungjin Yang

Gen 11, 2016 designdiffusion

‘Blowing Series’ by Seungjin Yang

South Korean designer Seungjin Yang has created seating objects made of actual party balloons— but don’t worry, these won’t ever pop!

Called ‘Blowing Series,’ the collection includes chairs, benches and stools which are first blown and fixed into the desired shape, then coated eight times with epoxy resin to give the balloons a durable and rigid structure.

Motivated by an inclination to transfer childhood reminiscences into something as methodical as industrial furniture making, Yang manages to completely transform these everyday materials by means of an extraordinary manufacturing process.

The end product is a playful seating object made of brightly coloured glass and a glossy finish, recalling warm days spent in the backyard eating ice cream cake and watching unsettling clowns slip on banana skins.

Tx: Julia Ardila